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Chivas Regal celebrated our Africaness through fashion music and a culinary experience like no other. It is with pride that the brand celebrates the collaboration done with local artist and creative, Imani Migwi, of the Manciny brand.

As a brand that celebrates and drives African partnerships the event took place at the trendy Social House in Nairobi on the 28 th May 2021 – through a blended exclusive, the space was redesigned to incorporate beautiful burgundy finishes, creating a Chivas Regal experience; where media and guests had the opportunity to view the fashion collaboration with House of Manciny; in a private pop-up fashion capsule.

The designer brings a fresh, African contemporary take on Athleisure fashion, driving the Kenyan lifestyle evolution of streetwear using Chivas Regal, Manchester United. Migwi’s inspiration is the Chivas Regal signifier – a powerful, yet playful form of expression that is worked into the pieces and the bespoke fabric, breathing life into her collection.

The event included a Chivas tasting and food pairing experience with Chivas Brand Ambassador for East Africa Emmanuel Osinde “(This year’s blended dinner was splendid … seeing an idea come to life in a night where guests could enjoy themselves with Chivas, but most importantly seeing the work done by Imani for Manciny was such a joy for us as brand team. The team put in hours of work and no sleep to make this vision come to life, and they executed it seamlessly. I couldn’t be prouder; we’ve set the bar, and next year we’ll raise it even further”

The luxury Scotch Whiskey was used to change how the venue serves their signature rib-eye steak, seared salmon, and other curated pairings; to bring new life to how the brand is experienced and used by Kenyan consumers to inspire, create and enjoy.

The Chivas Afroblend campaign takes a firm position in its words ‘success is a blend’; it’s collaborations across the Kenya, Cameroon and Zambia markets have brought African pride, fashion and creativity to life through its experience.

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