What You Need To Know About Eric Omondi’s “Wife Material” And ‘Wedding’

Eric Omondi is one of the most talked about celebrity in Kenya at the moment and this is because of his reality show “wife material” which came to an end a few weeks and was followed by an invites-only wedding which took place over the weekend.

Eric Omondi is without a doubt one of the most sought after comedians in Kenya. A quick search on the self-proclaimed African King of Comedy and you will find that all Kenyans want to know is if Eric had a wedding and who is the wife. Well, if you haven’t been following his show Wife Material which was free on YouTube, you can check them out below;

Eric Omondi Wife Materia Episode 1
Eric Omondi Wife Material Episode 2

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Anyway, Carol from Bandbeca won and become Eric Omondi’s ‘wife’.

Carol (Bandbeca)

Then there was socialite Shakilla who apparently stormed the private wedding in a bid to stop marriage between Eric and Carol on the grounds that Eric impregnated her. See the video below;

The truth is, Eric Omondi is just a good actor and a marketer. This ‘new’ style of clout chasing is what is replacing manufactured scandals that many celebrities have used to get people talking.

Many celebrities such as Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba and many other have perfected this new style clout chasing or if you like Kiki as our brothers in Tanzania call it. Usually 2 celebrities must commit to the act which sometimes can be dragged for months or even years.

However, as you’re glued to your screen wondering if it real or not, Eric Omondi continues to reap big from his endorsement deals with brands like William Lawsons, Lato and others who also part of the wedding.

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