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Here Are African Comics That You Can Read Right Now Absolutely FREE




African comics have grown in popularity since around 2016. Many people credit this to the popularity of superhero films, notably those made by Marvel Studios.

As a result of the heightened attention, many people began to question if African comic books existed. Not stories like Black Panther, which were developed by outsiders to portray Africa, but comics written by Africans on the continent.
While many are unaware, there is a burgeoning comic scene on the continent that is not only consuming what the big three (Marvel, DC, and Image) make, but also developing all-encompassing narratives from all corners of the continent.

The various comic conventions and gatherings across the continent, such as Lagos Comic-Con, NerdCon, Nairobi Comic-Con, Fancon, Comic-Con Africa, Mboa BD, Lusaka Con, Comic Connect, UNICON, Abuja Comic-Con, ICON Comics and Games Convention, Comexposed, Ibadan Comic Con, Comic Connect Africa, and so on, are testaments to this narrative.

The fantasy genre dominates African comics, with many writers riffing on the continent’s rich supernatural heritage. Comics by Comic Republic, such as Eru and Aje, are good instances of this. Another popular genre is science fiction and superhero comics, with the majority of superhero comics integrating a lot of fantasy as well.

Although there are a number of female African superheroes such as Umzingeli, Shore Wanda, Hawi, and Captain South Africa, the superhero genre in African comics is predominantly male-dominated.

There are various African comic book publishers across the continent. Many of them, like Luke Molver, are small, independent studios or individuals, while others, including Kugali, Comic Republic, Avandu Vosi, Zebra Comics, YouNeek Studios, and TAG Comics, are more established.

Regular anthologies, such as the Kugali Anthology, Sam Graphico Anthology, ComicUp, and our upcoming By The Fireside Anthology of Ghanaian Comics, are one of the finest ways to find African comics.

If you’re curious about the African comics, this list of free African comics could help. This is an excellent starting place, albeit it isn’t quite extensive enough due to the focus on freely downloadable comics. Please check out for a database of African comics. also has articles about African comic books and graphic novels ranging from news to reviews.

African Comics That You Can Read Right Now Absolutely FREE

1. Amazing Tek KidsAmazing-Tek-Kids-african-comics

Three brave children are transported back in time to prevent a wicked crazy genius from changing the future to his desire.

An malevolent Nigerian scientist bent on world dominance cracked the quantum space-time continuum theory and developed the time machine in the distant future. His goal is to change the course of history so that he can rule in the future… However, a group of young special elite tact division of the Nigerian police force cadet team jump time with him to put an end to his ungodly crusade, and they are put in an unwinding pursuit against the crazy scientist, equipped with future gadgets and skills. READ/DOWNLOAD

2. Bang BangBang-Bang-african-comic

Bang Bang is a black-and-white Western. The story follows Nambi’s search for vengeance when her husband, Kintu, and their children are murdered by the infamous criminal known as Walumbe. Nambi has evolved a means of battling her armed foes with brass/iron knuckles after swearing never to use a pistol again.

KOK (Klan of the Kings), the studio behind Sunjata, the stunning epic adventure video game, produced this Ugandan comic. It was written by James Kasavubu with art by Ronald Kayima and Atim Lakony, and it was created by Ronald Kayima and Atim Lakony. READ/DOWNLOAD

3. MoongirlsMoongirls-Chapter-3-Underwater-Dreams-1480x2048

The Moongirls are the Oracle of Ma’at’s ancient Guardianship. The Moongirl spirits are supposed to have been born when the Oracle of Ma’at was created, before the beginning of time. Because there were Forces and Forms roaming this cosmos long before humans came to know it as it is, the First Guardianship was not in homo sapien form.

The present Moongirls are four African Superheroes who wage a physical and philosophical war in the year 2019 of the New World Order of the Council of the Seti.

Their goal is to bring back Truth, Propriety, Order, Balance, Justice, and Harmony to the world. Ma’at. READ

4. Nero GenesisNero-Genesis-Luke-Molver-Comic

Several years from today, in South Africa.

The enormous megalopolis of Durban, a techno-industrial dystopia that spreads over the country’s east coast, is a breeding ground for a cosmopolitan cross-section of high-tech and low-life.

Lazarus Nero is a keyboard cowboy, one of millions of hackers who make a living in cyberspace’s back alleys. READ

5. OlwatuukaDesolation-of-Tesular — OLWATUUKA-13-cover-art-by-Master-Rui

Olwatuuka is based on an African folk tale about a young boy (Kakama) who sets out to destroy a cruel demon that has terrified the world in order to avenge his family. He travels to the afterlife, where he meets new friends and foes while learning more about himself and the monster he seeks. READ

6. Paper Angels Paper-Angels

Three Junior Paratroop cadets, a Coward, a Lunatic, and an Arcanist inherit The Oversoul’s power——may God help us all!

The Oversoul Corp, a super-enhanced military in a slum where you have two choices, the military or the grave, is created by Zimbabwean artist Kudzai Gumbo and set in Brazil. It tells the story of a young man named Pooya’s initiation into the Oversoul Corp, a super-enhanced military in a slum where you have two choices, the military or the grave.

Tawanda Rodney Ngundu, one-third of TaNyaKu and AfroTokyo, created Paper Angels. READ

7. Under The SunUnder-the-Sun

People with albinism have been compelled to migrate to the island of Kurume in the middle of Lake Tanganyika in Zamia, a fictional country in Central Africa, because to frequent attacks by people and with-doctors who utilize their body parts for rituals.

They live happily on Kurume, protected by the authorities, until all hell breaks free. After the president is slain, the country is engulfed in civil war. Now, the most important thing is to stay alive. READ

8. Rovikkenyan-comic

Rovik is a Star Wars-themed Kenyan comic book. The comic follows Rovik and his lemari friend ‘Pazuzu’ as they travel to Brazzaville, the planet’s last mining city, in the hopes of regaining employment as a guard at the planet’s sole working mine, which the Empire had drained dry owing to its Deathstar. Yvone Wanyoike wrote Rovik, which included Salim Busuru’s pan-African art. READ

9. Young Hustlacomic-africa

Young Hustla is an initiative centered on the Young Hustla entrepreneurial comic book.

Young Hustla is a documentary that follows a group of young entrepreneurs from various social and economic origins. All of these people are from various provinces in South Africa as well as other parts of Africa.

The main theme of this South African comic is entrepreneurship, with sub-themes focusing on concerns and obstacles that young people in Africa face. READ

10. Tatashe

On the strange food planet Almonia, Tatashe follows an eponymous female protagonist as she encounters friendship and adventure. Keep an eye on her as she encounters mythological creatures and trials, each one more enigmatic than the last.

She travels this wondrous planet alone, with her pet baby dragon, or with new companions in the hopes of discovering the magic of food, the secret kingdom of Eden, and her long-lost master. READ

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