How to Get Started on Clubhouse And Opportunities For Creators

In just one, month Audio-only social media app Clubhouse went from a $100 million valuation to one billion US Dollars! Launched in 2020 by software developers Alpha Exploration Co, the app is gaining serious hype and now is one of the most downloaded apps in many countries in Europe, the US, and even in Africa.

If you the kind of person who prefers audio to videos and pictures then, this is the best social media platform for you.

Currently, you have to be invited by someone who is already using the app to be able to join. Instead of slowing its growth, the exclusivity of the app has made it even more popular, with some people even selling invites for as high as Ksh 3000 to those who want to desperately join.

What’s the fuss all about?

Clubhouse founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth first launched the beta version of the app to a select pool of users, mostly entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon who were smitten with the idea and started putting their money on it.

“Clubhouse is a new audio-first social app that makes it easy to talk to other people. The product is organized into a series of user-created “rooms” where you can talk with others, some of whom are speakers and others who are just listening. People can move fluidly between conversations as speakers or listeners, covering myriad topics.”

Andrew Chen – General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

The app started gaining popularity in 2020 when many celebrities and influential people joined.

“There was a feeling that any important conversation worth having in 2020 was being hosted right there on the app. On Clubhouse, discussions are held in real time. They start spontaneously and disappear once everyone leaves the room, as if replicating the transience of everyday speech.

“After the tragic killing of George Floyd and the onset of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, users could log into Clubhouse and listen to the deeply personal takes of figures such as Oprah, T. D. Jakes, or Deepak Chopra,” said a user who is close with the Clubhouse founders, and who received an invite early on.

The “candid” retelling of stories caused many users to clock up to six to seven hours a day on the app, she adds.

Clubhouse can be addictive!

Many users are spending several hours on the app conversing and connecting with other users from all over the world. Users can also create clubs, but this can only be done manually by filling this form. Since many are still discovering and exploring the app, expect a lot of drama, games and meaningless convos, but the app also provides safe spaces for important discussions and audio-based events that have become a hit across the Internet.

How to Make Money on Clubhouse

There are also plans of introducing products to help creators on the platform get paid, including subscriptions, tipping and ticket sales. But you can also take advantage of the app to promote your brand or work, get feedback, network with like minded people, and even pitch your business.

It also goes without saying that there have been several reports of abuse as the platform struggles with moderation.

Earlier this week the founders noted the app will soon be open to everyone. “We’re working hard to scale Clubhouse as fast as we can and open it up to everyone soon. In the meantime, anyone can join with an invite from an existing user, or sign up for the waitlist so we can welcome you in soon”

For those looking for invites just join our invites train here and get yours! You can also find more guides on how to use the app HERE.

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