Next on Tape: Beraccah Kisia – Singer/Songwriter From Nairobi

This week we feature talented Kenyan singer Beraccah Kisia who recently released her new single ‘Tana’ featuring multi-instrumentalist The Electric Caravan.

Beraccah Kisia is a classically trained instrumentalist, composer and music coach with her bachelors degree in vocal performance from George Fox University in Oregon USA. She has worked as a background vocalist for various Kenyan acts including Gilad, Nyashinski and Labdi Omnes.

Beraccah also has a colorful solo career below her belt, having headlined the Blankets and Wine festival (c.2017) and Toured in France featured by Cian Finn at the Kilifi New Year festival (c. 2019) among many more accomplishments. Visit Beraccah’s website (in the contact references below) for more information about Beraccah.

Following the 2018 release of their debut demo ‘Special Day’, a nostalgic and heartwarming birthday song inspired by treasured moments, Beraccah Kisia and The Electric Caravan are finally continuing to embark on their musical journey in their new song “Tana”. In the spirit of intuition, “Tana” is an anthem to survival; the single explores the confluence of emotion that accompanies victory against one’s greatest foe: The Self; where looking inward, one begins the work of liberation. “Tana” was recorded and produced in Nairobi and will be the second release from Kenyan Singer/Songwriter Beraccah Kisia and The Electric Caravan.

It presents a preview to the avant-garde, sunny, experimental, progressive sound of “The Journey EP”; a project that invokes its extraterrestrial inspiration from the likes of Morcheeba, Massive Attack, FKA Twigs, Pink Floyd, Thom Yorke, and Agar Agar.

Listen to ‘Tana’ :…

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